I feel very proud to be a product of Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie, which introduced me to my real self, running. Below I have links to videos of various events from Allen Flats of Wynberg-Allen School's 126th Senior School Annual Inter-house Athletics Meet.

You can watch different clips by clicking on the link. I'll refine it as I know how better to do it :) If you know how to, please drop me a line. Please share with me if you have recorded any of the events. It'll be wonderful to compile them all in one single place.

Interview with Daniel soon after entering Wynberg-Allen School for 126th Senior School Annual Inter-house Athletics Meet with school band in the background https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828851367021/

Final Band Rehearsals before the final kick-off for Wynberg-Allen School's 126th Senior School Annual Inter-house Athletics Meet https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828858052021/

Interview with Mukul Oberoi, the torch-bearer for Wynberg-Allen School's 126th Senior School Annual Inter-house Athletics Meet https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828866952021/

New medals for Inter-house Athletics Meet right before the meet starts along with band rehearsal https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828877277021/

Showing where all the announcements happen, where medals are organised and school band rehearsing https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828879867021/

Junior school is walking in https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828884372021/

Start of Wynberg-Allen School's 126th Senior School Inter-house Athletics Meet https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828899162021/

March-Past at Allen Flats during Wynberg-Allen School's 126th Senior School Inter-house Athletics Meet https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828903517021/

Senior School Inter-house Athletics Meet being announced open by Guest of Honour Mr Sidney Albert Evans who joined the school in 1947 and in 1953 set a school record for 100 yards hurdles. https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828919992021/

Getting ready for 100m hurdles https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828929017021/

Foy House rosette being put on for the photographer of Live coverage of the Athletics Meet https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828939577021/

100m Hurdles Intermediate Boys https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828943872021/

100m Hurdles Senior Boys https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828945482021/

Activities at Allen flats https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828951177021/

Prize Distribution https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828954562021/

Prize Distribution carries on https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828958677021/

100m Junior Girls, 100m Junior Boys, 100m Intermediate Girls and 100m Intermediate Boys  https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828971747021/

Prize Distribution, Long Jump, Pole Vault and 100m Senior Girlshttps://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153828996822021/

100m Senior Boys and 100m Senior Girls https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829038112021/

200m Junior Girls, 200m Junior boys, 200m Intermediate Girls, Pole-Vault, Shot Put & Triple Jump https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829067842021/

200m Intermediate Boys, 200m Senior Girls, 200m Senior Boys and Obstacle Race Class 7 Girls https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829105372021/

Obstacle Race Class 7 Boys https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829158402021/

800m Intermediate Boys https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829193527021/

800m Intermediate Girls (start) https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829198762021/

800m Intermediate Girls (finish) https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829202667021/

800m Junior Boys https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829207142021/

Lunch break for students https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829254337021/

400m Junior Boys and comments from Vikram Bhandari ('94 batch) https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829373047021/

400m Junior Girls and comments from Vikram Bhandari https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829381317021/

400m Intermediate Boys (finish) and 400m Intermediate Girls https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829388247021/

400m Senior Girls, High Jump Junior Girls, Triple Jump Junior Boys https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829398407021/

Junior Girls 4x100m relay https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829413732021/

Junior Boys 4x100m relay https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829418327021/

Intermediate Boys 4x100m relay and a message for Sukku from a very old friend. https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829434492021/

Intermediate Girls 4x100m relay (by mistake I mention it as senior girls) and cheering of Foy House. https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829442217021/

Senior Boys 4x100m relay https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829447802021/

Finishing of Senior Boys 4x100m relay https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829452617021/

Senior Girls 4x100m relay https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829456682021/

Prize ceremony, Dr Mann Singh giving away medals to the winners in 4x100m relays, Mukul Oberoi reporting live about how technology was used to settle a decision about a disqualification in boys' 4x100m relay team and cheering of all houses.  https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829529582021/

Girls Tug of War, first time girls took part in this. https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829483552021/

Boys Tug of War https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829504382021/

Closing ceremony https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829528002021/

Closing ceremony carries on... https://www.facebook.com/621217020/videos/10153829529582021/ 

We will try to do a better job for Wynberg-Allen School's Invitational Inter-School Athletics Meet which is going to be held on 22nd October 2016.