Starting today, we'll briefly be talking about the participants at the 7th edition of La Ultra - The High that starts from 8pm of 11th August. 

Dariusz Strychalski (Poland): 222 km

Dariusz at La Ultra - The High last year at Wari La high-camp. 

A very special athlete from Poland. He was hit by a car at 7 years of age, which permanently left him with partially paralysed right side of the body and markedly reduced vision in left eye. Doctors gave up on him after he was in a coma for 2 weeks. He had to relearn how to walk and talk. He slowly started cycling, and soon enough he was cycling all over the town all day long. Once his cycle broke down, he picked up running and fell in love with it. In his 16 years of ultra running experience, he has run Badwater ultra, Spartathlon, Ultra Balaton, and many 100 km races. In 2015 he attempted the 222 Km category at La Ultra, but could not finish. He is back for the 2nd time in the Himalayas, better, stronger and every ready for the grand challenge.

Below is a short documentary about Dariusz overcoming his own weaknesses running Badwater ultra in Death Valley (USA), one of the hardest ultramarathons in the world. Badwater ultra is 135 miles long and has to be completed in 48 hours. Hilly surfaces and temperatures over 115F make it all the more difficult. Despite his impairments Darek takes part in Badwater Ultramarathon together with other healthy people. What led Darek start in the ultramarathon, what kind of experiences he had and did he complete the 217 km race through the desert you will find out while watching "The Winner". (source Jakub Gorajek, Vimeo)

Major races that Dariusz has run:

  • Supermarathon Wien-Bratislava-Budapest (Gesamtwertung) – 320 Kms (5 days)
  • Al Andalus Ultra trail – 220 Km / 5 days
  • Ultrabalaton – 212 Km
  • Spartathlon  (2009)
  • Badwater (2014)