Picture yourself walking into a doctor's consultation room to seek help for your back pain, but as soon as you start talking, the doctor picks up her or his pen and starts writing a prescription or better still, interrupts even before you are done with the very first sentence. It just doesn't seem right. Is it too much to be just heard? To feel like an human being rather than just a patient number so and so. 

Please call Back 2 Fitness clinic landline 011-4656-0339 to register. Registrations purely on first come first basis. Limited seats only. 
Cover charge of Rs 500 for Cafe Qahwa (SDA market, across IIT Delhi). To be paid at the time of registration.

In addition to that, all of us think that we are very unique and all our pains are even more unique. It might surprise you that lot of folks out there have a lot of pain and are somehow managing to get on with life. Most doctors give advice but have no practical experience of dealing with pain themselves. These patients who have been living with pain will have a lot of pearls to share that might just work for you. 

Lets understand what is pain all about and lets stop this suffering. Its ignorance that leads to more suffering. And it is optional. Pain is a mere messenger.

For these and many more reasons, starting tomorrow we are kick-starting with the very first session of Pain Anonymous. Lets talk and hear each other. Most of the times it works wonders. 

It's called Pain Anonymous because the intent is not to make it a social kitty party kind of group but more about sharing our experiences and learning from others. Lets get started and we'll figure the way forwards. I'll be there more as someone who has had a fair bit of share of pain. Click here to read a post of mine describing my recent experience with fear of pain. 

Looking forward few folks showing up and talking about Pain.