Hope you have relaxed enough. Now we get seriously on to training for a 4hr marathon. Now like Calvin, just put your head down, and lets go on this amazing journey together. 

Yes... you will!

It's game on if you have done the following: 

a. You should have done a half marathon in under 2 hrs, preferably under 1hr 55 min, in last 2-4 months.

b. You should have done a full marathon in under 4hr 15 min, if not 4:10 in last month.

Besides exercises from last week, remember to focus on running tall like a puppet.

To read more about running like a puppet, check below.

Wednesday (25th): 

You might miss today's training run because I am late putting it up. If you do go out today, stick with a brisk 30-45 min. No need to go crazy fast.

Thursday (26th):

60-90 min run at 5:30 to 5:45 pace. Remind yourself to stay soft on your feet and keep your breathing long and easy. Keep your shoulders relaxed at all times.

Friday (27th): Repeat Intervals

Warm up with 5 min run at 6:30 pace or slower. Now get on with a 2 km run in 10 min. Rest for 1 min. Have a sip of water / electrolyte. Catch your breath. Remind yourself to be soft on feet and to run tall. Repeat 2 km run again in 10 min. Rest for a min again. Repeat 2 km run for 4-6 times. 

Saturday (28th):

Easy 30-45 min. Go slow. 

Sunday (29th): 

Today is a very easy run. Focus is primarily on time on feet. Not at all on speed or distance. Be on your feet for 180-210 minutes, walk - easy jog or run. 

Take walk breaks every 30 min for a minute. Catch you breath and get back at it again. Take water breaks every 4 kms starting from km 2 (2, 6, 10, 14…) with electrolyte break every alternate 2 kms starting from km 4 (i.e. 4, 8, 12…). Have a bite / sip of energy bar / gel break every 4-6 kms.

I'm up for FacebookLive on training plan for New Delhi Marathon or a marathon around then, if people are interested. Let me know.