The START is what STOPS most people.

You've got to start somewhere, sometime... let right now, right here be it. It's just not another new year resolution. Most folks would have already given up on theirs for this year.

We'll start together with baby steps, one step, one day at a time, and over next 100 days surprise ourselves with the new you.

Get Off Your Arse (GOYA) now.

Today is 26th (now 27th) January 2017. It's as good a day as any, even if it wasn't India's Republic Day. It's rained cats and dogs, at least in Delhi. A good enough reason to get started from today itself.

I and my team will be right there with you on this life changing journey of yours.

We'll make a weekly plan, motivate you throughout the week and see where have we got to at the end of the week. We'll plan the next steps based on that. Customised just for you. 

It's going to be about no one else but you. Chuck the rat race completely. 

I will give tips to correct other problems mentioned in the previous post (Feet of Clay: What's your week-link?). On a very regular basis (weekly to start with) I'll come on either Youtube Live Stream or FacebookLive and talk about the tips and answer all your questions. We'll connect with you on some platform every alternate day. But no, it's not going to be for free. We'll charge a certain introductory monthly fee.

We'll call this program Project GOYA (Get Off Your Arse). The plan is not to get you running marathons, even though I very happily will. It is literally to get you off your royal arse and get moving. To get you to become a better you. Whatever it takes.

If interested, please click on the link below and fill the form. You'll soon hear back.