Salutations organisms, earlier today I was on FacebookLive. I was talking about knee pains and surgeries. There was a lot of interruptions courtesy pretty lousy broadband internet connection by Airtel. I will soon again do this session with better connectivity.

Grass always appears greener across the fence. Your knee pain will seem like your 'ghar wali' and knee replacement might seem like that amazingly phenomenal 'bahar wali'. You need to understand and know that the bahar wali isn't as rosy as it seems at first. There is an extremely good chance that you don't need the knee replacement, all you need to do is work hard on to cater to your knee pain. Suddenly that 'ghar wali' will appear to be so much better than you had ever thought. Make that effort from yourself. It simply isn't a one sided story. It just never is. 

For now, here you go... 

Below is a video by Florida's Sheriff for the Airtel folks. 

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