On a daily basis I'll try to bring you a runner's unbiased review of running gear. A disclaimer at the very outset, I am principal advisor to Adidas India (running) for almost 3 years but I have been a student of running for over three decades now. 

The idea of starting this review series is to make you more aware of what you buy, rather what you should buy and what you should look out for. Become more aware. Just don't buy!

ClimaChill Black 2

Below is the first FacebookLive for running gear review.

Adidas ClimaChill about

This is what the company says about the t-shirt. Below are my thoughts. 

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I walked-ran The Tough Enough 10km from Dehradun to Mussoorie earlier this month wearing this t-shirt. This 10km will put most full marathons (42.195kms) to shame. 

The feel of the t-shirt is very interesting. At first look, it seems to be a cotton t-shirt, but when you see the inside of the t-shirt, it becomes clear that it's not. I like that about it. 

It's not the lightest running t-shirt I have, but that doesn't bother me much. 

Adidas ClimaChill

These tiny silver droplets at the back work amazingly well. I simply love them. They make you feel a little chilly around the upper back. You might want to keep your t-shirt right under the AC the night before you go for a run and then wear it in the morning. This helps me calm down before my runs. When I sweat, again, these droplets make me feel cooler than I would otherwise feel.

ClimaChill Black

Reflectives are pretty much standard (should be) on all running t-shirts. This one has got it on both front and back, left and right. Reflectives help the drivers see you when you are running in the dark. These things can help save your lives. 


This is my favourite colour that adidas has in ClimaChill. I have done most of my runs in last couple of months in this t-shirt. Simply love it. 

I agree with adidas that these t-shirts tend to fall well and don't move up when you squat or do side bends which tends to happen with some running t-shirts. 

The only problem I find with these t-shirts is for the guys. Outline of nipples is visible. If you want to avoid them you might want to borrow a layer from your female running friend. I do find it a little irritating but I simply love the material so I'll just keep going out there and embarrass myself.

Please feel free to send me your queries about this or any other running product. Simply leave a comment below.