NukeLeeUs exercises should be done 11 times in the given order and if possible, up to 3 times a day. Also, if you experience any pain while doing any of the exercise, stop and consult with an experienced doctor.

The focus of the first week is to build a solid platform for anyone and everyone. Below are the nine exercises for the first week. 

1. Skipping Jack: Get lighter on your feet and get going for the rest of the exercises.

2. Hobbit Toes: Curl those toes of yours.

3. Elven Raises: Time to grow tall.

4. Punch Ins: Lets get steady with Punch Ins.

5. Anne's Alphabets: Get your upper back more mobile, and undo all the effect of the mobile phones you've been using for ever. 

6. Sea Saw: This will help your posture.

7. Breathe In: Let's not taking breathing for granted. Start today with mindful breathing.

8. Orange Squeeze: Upper back is stiff and weak for almost all of us. High time to squeeze the juice out of that imaginary orange between your shoulder blades.

9. Captain Squats: Time to become Legstrong.

Explaining the NukeLeeUs exercises in a very simple way. 

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Keep miling and smiling, always, because in bigger scheme of things, nothing else matters.