Cell is a basic unit of life. Some organisms have only one cell, whereas others could have trillions of cells. 'Nucleus' is the one 'literally' at the centre of each of those cells. The driving 'force'.

We have further played with the word 'nucleus' for something we really stand for and believe in, 'NukeLeeUs'. It's taken me over 33 years of practicing what I preach here, it simply isn't a theory. 

'Nuke' comes from how full of energy a small atom is when it is split during a nuclear reaction. Small size should never be a deterrent. All of us have that amazing energy inside. It's about getting moving, like everything else in this world. It all starts with tiny baby steps. 

'Lee' refers to Bruce Lee's quote that he wasn't scared of someone who knew 10,000 kicks but was afraid of the one who had practiced that one kick 10,000 times. Point being simple exercises when done repeatedly make you very powerful rather than just knowing a bit about everything but never putting them into practice. So, have the discipline to get going, regularly. 

'Us' refers to the power of unity and coming together, like atoms, like people. It can change the world. But for that we need to start with each one of us. Motivating and inspiring that one or two right (or left) next to us. And then magic will happen.