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2018 CBSE results‬
‪1,30,000+ (10th) & 72,599 (12th) scored >90%‬
‪27,476 (10th) & 12,737 (12th) scored >95%‬

Failure is the biggest teacher. It is inevitable you are going to face it in life. How you tackle being in the dumps and then bouncing back is what shows your true character. When things are all rosy, the air-conditoner is on and you have an awesome car to travel in, you simply aren't being tested. Today's society ill-prepares you for the realities of life. These board results seem like a joke. 

Of course children have worked hard for this, but this sense of over-achievement at every step, followed by sense of entitlement messes them up royally in their heads. And for life. 

Since children are made to believe by the system that there is no room for improvement for them, they then struggle in real life when failure, the biggest teacher, comes along. We lead to them being emotionally fragile.‬

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For our race La Ultra - The High, our tagline has been 'Failing is not a crime; lack of effort is' because we consider Failing as the biggest teacher. To us at this tough race, participants having the guts to make it to the start line is brilliant. Of course they need to plan and train on finishing it too.