If you’ve risked your life by running a full marathon(s) in gas-chambers of modern cities of ‘civilised’ world, here is your chance to push it a bit further in scenic Ladakh, by running 55 kms over Wari-La, a high mountain pass not yet infested by tourists who can’t differentiate between Goa and Ladakh.

As 10th year celebration of La Ultra - The High, we will be having a 55kms category too, where the participants will get a chance to run along 222, 333 and 555kms runners while they go up and down the beautiful Wari-La pass.

Come become a part of history. You've run marathon(s), now come experience life at La Ultra - The High. Connect with your inner self. 

It is on 19th August 2019. For details check www.laultra.in

This is on the way down Wari-La, the pass you’ll be getting to. 

This event is put together by folks who are as passionate as yourself or even more. 55 kms will start very close to this spot. 

This is at Wari-La high camp at night. 

Wari-La High Camp (15,000 ft) in day time.

At La Ultra - The High it’s team effort like you’ve never experienced before both for organisers & participants. 

To know about the history of this race, check out the videos below. 

To register: http://www.laultra.in/runners/registration/