Now we are on to week two of Nuke-Lee-Us Exercise Program. Just a reminder to all that there will only be a slight change from week to week.


First 6 exercises will actually change evenly more gradually, staying same for now. These are called act-i-vation exercises because it you who needs to act and get those muscles moving, which further will move those joints of yours. 

Last 3 exercises are called nucleolus. That's because it's not only at the core of the nucleus, the 'brain' of the cell, but it can be thought of as the 'brain' of the nucleus itself.

It is important that you do both act-i-vation and nucleolus exercises.

Below is the poster for the week 2 exercises, and further below are videos for the same. 

NukeLeeUs Ex wk2a.jpg

Do 11 repeats, 3 times a day. Also, if you experience any pain while doing any of the exercise, stop and consult with an experienced 'physically active' doctor and not an aerodynamic one. 

If the exercise(s) seems easy, first focus on getting the exercise form right, and then increasing the number of repetitions.  

1. Skipping Jack: Get lighter on your feet and get going for the rest of the exercises.

5. Anne's Alphabets: Get your upper back more mobile, and undo all the effect of the mobile phones you've been using for ever. 

6. Breathe In: Let's not taking breathing for granted. Start today with mindful breathing.

9. Orange Squeeze with 1 second hold - Upper back is stiff and weak for almost all of us. High time to squeeze the juice out of that imaginary orange between your shoulder blades.

Spread with all you care about and share your videos here. 

Please click below if you have done today's exercises.

Keep miling and smiling, always, because in bigger scheme of things, nothing else matters.