Idea of exercising for me is to get out of the rat race that today's life has to offer. Physical and mental benefits are a by-product. 

'The trouble with a rat race is that even when you win, you are still a rat.' 

As much as you are told to just do it for a sound body, sound mind or to become forever faster, walking or running on a Treadmill makes you more of a rat.

Sooner than later, you'll realise that you have been 'f***ed'. There is no point being polite about it. 

Each time someone mentions to me that they use treadmill, I think of these hamsters below.

There is a major flaw with running on a treadmill. It is a belt that is moving. If you can learn to sync your hopping well, you'll be able to stay on the treadmill even when the belt is moving at very high speeds that you can't otherwise do on the ground. 

There is another problem. The idea of exercising is to connect better with yourself. In gyms you'll have loud music or news channels showing some soap opera. If you happen to be using the treadmill at home, your partner, children or parents could be yelling at you. Wasn't the idea to get away from the circus for just a bit? 

Below is a great treadmill on a bike that takes care of all of the above. I am not a big fan of cycling as compared to running, but this one is just different, very different. You don't yet again sit on your back side.

Now stop being a rat. One Life. Get Off Your Arse (GOYA).