At the very outset I'd like to welcome everyone on board L&S Marathon Team. As I mentioned in my briefing session on 10th Feb 2017, the idea is to make you better than what you were yesterday. We'll constantly keep pushing it. It's not going to be a rat race. We all are going to do it together. One step at a time. And at all times, keep miling and smiling.

Below I have put together the YouTube videos I wanted you all to see. Here they are again.

Put your speakers on full volume and enjoy. The first one is about the race I put together in Leh, La Ultra - The High. This defines me. 

Below is a video two months after I had started a 'Couch to Six km' program 4 years back. What is amazing is listening to these ladies and what difference running made to their lives.

This one is a bit embarasing but good fun. 

You don't necessarily to get to the finish all the time but you need to start to have a chance to get there. I had planned to run 126km but things didn't turn out the way I had planned. Over years I have learnt that the journey is far more important than the destiny itself. On this particular day I made lot of school kids realise that they all were special. 

Never assume anything. It'll surprise you that things we assume to be correct because rest of the world does can be very wrong. The regular hamstring stretch that you would see people do in parks and in gyms are wrong. Here is the right way to do it. 

And a simple exercise like squat can be very useful.

Now coming to the first face-to-face session, we'll be meeting tomorrow at Nehru Park at 8 am.  We'll meet at 2nd parking from either side on Niti Marg. It's a big parking there.


Please come in comfortable sports shoes, shorts / track pants, t-shirt and jacket. Cap and sunglasses if need be.

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I'll answer all your queries in the next blog post. Till then keep miling and smiling.
I'll try to add you to a closed Facebook group, if not I'll share the link.