Salutations to all you fine people!

After having met for a run on Sunday, we met yet again on Tuesday at Amrita Shergill Marg (Lodhi Garden) and it was good fun. I apologise to the new-comers that I didn't click any pics. 

The idea this week has been to just to get to know each other. I am suggesting a very simple plan below for next few days (7-10) days. I want you all to start moving. I understand it was too short a notice for the Sunday run and this coming weekend I am away. That shouldn't stop you all meeting this Sunday. You'll have to share pictures with me to prove you were there. Else, you do know that I know a good law firm! :) Fix a time and venue and get on with it. 

Here is the advice for next 7-10 days:

1. Start with a 2-5 min pre-run warm up. It means you skip for 20-30 seconds three times. And you you do side bending. Three times both sides. Watch videos in previous post.

2. Real warm up is to do the same activity that you are going to do, at a slower and more pace and in a more controlled fashion. So, in this case, brisk walk for first 2-5 min. No chatting away to glory is not counting. Focus on the brisk walk. Exhale long and then inhale long. Hold that breath for 2-3 seconds and again exhale. Practice this during your brisk walk. 

3. Then start to jog / run keeping the three points (soft on feet, imaginary pappad shouldn't break, run tall like a pappad) in mind. Click here to read about them again. 

4. While jogging / running, only focus on getting the form right and not on how much can you do. Intend is very simple. It is to get your foundation super strong so then I can build an amazing structure on it. So let's go with baby steps. So keep small strides (length of steps), not long. Don't run for long yet, just 30sec -5 min. Whatever you are comfortable with. 

5. Take a walk break as soon as you think you are not doing the jog / run right or you are breathless. Again, walk break is not for chatting. Focus on long breath out and in. Notice I mention exhaling first. If you don't unlearn, you'll not be able to learn, hence I am suggesting to go slow. Exhale long. Inhale long. Hold breath for 2-3 seconds. Repeat throughout walk break. Keep a tall posture with a soft grip throughout. 

6. Get on with jog / run again. Repeat for 30-40 minutes. Walk for last 2-3 minutes.

7. Cool down exercises to be hopping / skipping, heel raises, side bending, orange squeeze, reminding yourself to stand tall again. 

8. I suggest lets start with walk-run on alternate days to start with. 

9. If running is your love, strength training is your mother-in-law (MIL). Once get in the good books of MIL, your running performance will be optimised and you'll not get hurt (or a lot lesser). So do strength training at least 3-4 times a week. 

10. Strength Training: Do the following exercises ... Just start with these three besides ones mentioned above - Wall Squats, Orange Squeeze and Toe Curls.

Even at work, remember to sit tall like a puppet.

Below are responses to your queries so far:

Q. What food / drinks do we need to take - Pre-Run, While Running and Post Running?

A. It is very important to understand that no supplements will compensate for a good diet, so lets get that out of the way. Coming to pre-run, it is a very personal thing. I don't like to eat anything before my runs, even very long ones (5-6 hrs). Some like a piece of toast, others a banana, cup of tea or piece of apple. You'll have to do a bit trial and error. While-running is not of concern for the duration we are right now talking about. Post-Run is very important. Please figure a protein shake within 30 minutes of having finished an exercise session. It helps you recover sooner and be full of energy for the rest of the day and next exercise session the following day. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal, please sort that out if not already sorted. 

Q. What kind of shoes?

A. Shoes are only an extension of the foot. If we sort out the muscle imbalances and get moving optimally, the shoes will not be of much consequence. For now I am mentioning some shoes that might suit you. I am trying to be play 'jyotshi' trying to match your feet with shoes available but I'll want you to go out there on a 'date' with the shoes to figure out which one works. What I mean is, wear each suggested shoe for 10 min and then decide what works for you. Please don't get too carried away by what the salesperson has to say.

Neutral: Adidas Pure Boost, Adidas Energy Boost, Asics Nimbus, Nike Pegasus

Stability (overpronator): Adidas Sequence Boost, Adidas Revenge Boost, Asics GT 1000, Asics GT 2000, Asics GT 3000, Asics Kayano, Asics Foundation, Nike Structure, Nike Lunar Glide

Q. For first time beginners like me, are there specific food supplement/health tonic/tablets which we need to take?

A. As mentioned above, please focus on regular good diet with emphasis on breakfast. In today's world almost all are low in vitamin D3, I'd like all to take the following:

Vitamin D3 (60,000 IU) once a week for 4 weeks. Repeat this every 6 months. I am ok this being taken even without any blood tests. 

Q. I also feel a pain on my toes when I fold them. Is there any specific exercise I need to do to take care of this?

A. Please start with the exercises mentioned above. 

Q. I get slight pain on my knee joints while getting up and down. Do specify exercise for that as well.

A. Please don't rush with running, lets just get you walking and exercising for now. A simple rule in exercise is if there is pain post an exercise, don't do it for now. Maybe the form is wrong or your body isn't ready for it yet. Revisit the exercise in next few days. 

Q. Should I run daily or take a break?

A. To start with, alternate days is a great idea. Soon you'll know how soon do you recover. Strength train 3-4 times a week. 

Q. I do feel I could benefit from a better eating regimen so would be grateful if you could please share a link which can get me at started.

A. To be honest, keep it simple. Start with having a better breakfast with higher fat content. Yes, you read that right. Fat in food has nothing do with obesity. We, my medical fraternity has misinformed the society courtesy big corporates. Anyways, cut down parathas and corn flakes in breakfast. Have a portion of fruit, cheese, dry fruits, sprouts, eggs in the morning. Its a good idea to carry sprouts and dry fruits

Q. Shoes – I have flat feet. I have been facing issues in locating shoes online so would very much appreciate your guidance.

A. You are looking for stability shoes. Again, strength training and improving your running form will soon make you less dependent on stability shoes. That'll take another month or so. 

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