Get Off Your Arse this 8th May and start Move-ing for life. You'll thank yourself for having made the best decision of your life. 

For a very long time, almost as long as infinity (horizontal 8) you have been sitting on your back sides like a slob. This 8th May, is pretty much a May Day, get off your royal cute back side and get vertical. Get Moving. 

We've got 100 cities from across the globe. Join in. For yourself. 100th city being Warsaw. :)

As sperms, we ran towards the ovum to be born, but somehow after being born we sat on our royal backsides and became slobs. 

GOYA (Get Off Your Arse) Move-Mint isn't for any other cause but you. There is no registration fee. There is no cause. There is no business model. 

It isn't an event, it's a lifestyle change for folks all over the third rock (from the sun).

It started of as a random thought from a running buddy in US for making 20 people from 20 cities run 20 km on 20th March 2016. We managed to get 150+ people from 20+ Indian cities and 20+ cities from around the world to run 20k on 20th March.

Next, on 10th April we had 400+ folks crawling-walking-running in 94 cities around the world. Best part is, I don't know most of them. Now we are at 97 cities. Only 38 are Indian. 

Now we'll push the limits. All we runners pledge to get atleast one non-runner or beginner runner to crawl-walk-run and keep doing more.

Let's not just sell-fish, some would say selfish, let's think about co-inhabitants of this 3rd rock and give them the best gift ever. Get them moving. 

Keep miling and smiling.