The Pain Handbook

Conservative management (non-surgical) of Back (incl. Neck) Pain and Knee Pain is of a lot of interest to me. Both are being treated very poorly in today's healthcare industry all over the world, where both health and care are missing. It's purely become a money making industry alone. Sad, but true. 

Coming out on 10th November 2016

Coming out on 10th November 2016

I find educating the patients having pain, the most powerful tool to overcome pain and lead a normal life. That's exactly why I have come out with this book. Very similar to going to war, where you need to cater to yourself and everything else is a bonus, it's your body, you need to know better, every other help from family or doctors is a bonus. 

Pain is only a messenger. It is almost always out of proportion (i.e. a lot more)  to how serious the problem is. It is very similar to massive Himalayas. When you are trying to run there, if you challenge them, they'll soon enough show you who the boss is. But if you request them to let you pass by, these gentle mountains will respect you back and let you pass. Let go, stop resisting. 

I'll use this page and blog here updating on a regular basis about this book as it's always a work in progress.