Project C11: Motomazing La Ultra


What is Project C11: MotoMomazing La Ultra?

Project C11: MotoMazing La Ultra is a ‘Couch to 11 kms’ program over 101 day wherein you will be able to run 11 kms at place of your choice when participants of 10th edition of La Ultra - The High will run 55, 222, 333 & 555 kms in Ladakh. Anyone who can walk for 10-15 min without any pain is capable of joining and attempting this.

Why me?

I have been running for last 34 years, from elite to amateur to just for fun, founder and race director of La Ultra - The High (now in 10th year), one of the craziest runs ever conceptualised, Sports Medicine doctor with special focus on running for last 17 years, was running advisor to Adidas for over 3 years, medical director of races all kinds for last 13 years, and most importantly mentoring people from all walks of life to get running for over 17 years now.

I did start using the word coach but then I realised I was only helping folks rediscover their old self, the self they too had forgotten about.