Registration for TWCM training is now closed.

There will be following training plans for 10km, half and full marathon for TWCM: 

  • 10km:
    • Beginners
    • Sub 60 min
    • Sub 50 min
  • Half Marathon:
    • Beginners (who've done 10km before)
    • Sub 2:10
    • Sub 2 hrs
    • Sub 1:45
  • Full Marathon:
    • Beginners (who've done half marathon before)
    • Sub 4:30
    • Sub 4
    • Sub 3:30

First and foremost, no matter what distance you plan on doing in whatever time, you need to remember that if running is your love, strength training is your mother-in-law. You need to keep it happy to run optimally and without (minimal) getting injured.

Second, to run fast as you can, you need to slow down. Don't be in a rush, make your running effortless. Don't try too hard. For that, to start with, don't focus on distance or speed, only time on feet.

Third, I want you to not take breathing for granted. Start with mindful breathing.