La Ultra - The High team presents a one (or maybe two) of its kind run out there: The Jahanpanah Run (TJR) 

Jahanpanah Tusi Great Ho... Tohfa Kabool Karo. Apne shahi pichchwaade se utho, aur thoda hilo. 

Distance: 8 (~53 kms) or 11 (~73 kms) laps

When: 18th December 2016

Where: Jahanpanah Forest, GK 2, Delhi

Registration Fee: ₹8 (8 laps), ₹11 (11 laps)

Prizes / awards: No pieces of clothes, metals, plastics, papers or wood will be given. Get your own and then run to earn them back.


Rules of the game:

1. You can cheat all you want. As long as you follow the other rules mentioned below, it's all good.

2. Have to report between 7:27 & 7:39 am. You'll be disqualified if you report sooner or later.

3. No race course direction. Will share google map  a couple of weeks before the run. First lap is in clockwise direction followed by anti-clockwise. Keep changing your direction every lap. 

4. You need to be wearing something red. Yes, underwears are fine too as long as they are worn Superman style. 

5. At the beginning you need to have your registration fee ready. It needs to be in one rupee notes. They'll be checked by the race organisers.

6. After each lap you deposit one rupee note in good condition to the race director / marshal at the start / finish point. The currency notes need to be in good condition, definitely not wet, else you'll be disqualified.

7. There are no water or aid stations. You can leave your belongings at the counter at start / finish point.

8. Each participant has to get one particular dish that you'll be told a few days before the race.

9. Finish time is 16:69:69 (yes, you go figure)

Rules can change till the very last minute. 


If interested, email on