Listen to 24th episode of Move-Mint, Running podcast on Mint, hosted by Nandita and Dr Rajat Chauhan



Layout of 24th episode:

Questions of week:

Q1: I have been strength training for a long time but getting to long distance running is a different ball game. I am enjoying the challenge but why am I find it tough? - Raghav Bhalla

Q2: Is running more important that weight training? - Gym instructor who has represented India in martial arts

Q3. I have been running for a while and running is a very important part of my life but somehow racing doesn’t appeal to me. Is that ok? - Muthu Kumar, Mumbai

Tip of the week:

How to prepare to run in the cold / winters?

Exercise of the week:

Simple ways to tackle low back stiffness

This week's running schedule

Story of the week:

Avani Vora, 33 years old, Gurgaon Road Runners

Running events in the near future

27th Nov: Aurangabad Ellora Marathon, Orange City Marathon (Nagpur), Pink City Ultra Run in Jaipur

4th Dec: Hornbill Half marathon, Kohima, Nagaland,

9th Dec: Oxfam Trailwalker, Bangalore

11th Dec: Chennai Marathon 

15th Jan: Mumbai Marathon

26th Feb: New Delhi Marathon