The book is written in a reader friendly style; almost conversational. The non-surgical way to managing pain is underscored by a portfolio of exercises and photos of the same, provided in the book. The narrative is partial to being a practical overview of pain (within that, lower back pain) and a useful handbook to refer.
— Book review by Shyam Menon, Mumbai based freelance journalist

An illustration from the book

An excerpt from Shyam's book review of The Pain Handbook:

Keeping the most essential things accessible is a habit we all grow up with.

You know well where you have that song which struck a chord, where you have the book that meant a lot, where you have the movie you like to return to.

What you value; you find a place for it and remember where you kept it.

Dr Rajat Chauhan’s book, ` The Pain Handbook – A Non-Surgical Way to Manage Back, Neck and Knee Pain,’ falls in this league. Its one for keeps.

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