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We human beings ran as sperms to be born, and contrary to what most of us have been made to believe, new scientific evidence shows that it isn’t a race. It is a synchronised run to the egg where all of the millions of sperms have very specific roles. All of them move. Being lazy is never an option. Soon enough, because of all of their joint effort, suddenly there is the beginning of our lives. It is team work at its very best, without any vested selfish interest. The goal bigger than any magic out there, to create life out of thin air. Literally.

Movement, or running, is our basic instinct. It defines us. It makes us humans. Unfortunately, in this so called modern world, we have been made to sit from a very early age, first by our very own loving parents and then by our teachers, who have all the good intentions, but make us sedentary slobs, which is very unnatural for us all. As we get older, it’s then our partners, spouses and employers who make us sit for even longer hours on our royal back sides.

By the time we are in our mid twenties, we don’t even know how to move, leave alone walk or run. Check it for yourself next time you go to the park or see people running on the roads, most of them who are attempting to run, have very awkward running form. Before you burst out laughing at someone else, ask someone else to take a video of you running when you aren’t paying attention to them. Trust me, you’ll not need to laugh at anyone else anymore.

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In our kind of society, women get a far worse deal as from a very early age they are told that it’s not lady like to be physically active and to go out there and play sports. They are reminded time and again that they should either help with household chores as that is the one thing they are put on Earth for, or at best they should focus on their studies. In any case, very unfortunately, this makes them acquire very poor posture and extremely low self-confidence, which sticks with them for life.

Even if you are from the school of thought that as sperms we were in a race, all those sperms took part in the race even though the chances of their success was abysmally low, i.e. one in approximately one hundred million, as that’s roughly the number of sperms that are released during each ejaculation. Yes, you are extremely special.

And at the same time very insignificant. You are one of the 7.6 billion human beings on the face of the third rock going around a very average star which we like to call the Sun, which further happens to be one of the 200 billion stars in our galaxy, which yet again is very average. It is one of the supposedly 10 trillion galaxies in this universe.

Still feeling very special? Next time you go out to run, that is if and when you do, do it for yourself. Not to be faster than anyone else. With the kinds of numbers I have mentioned above, you’ll realise that neither your times or positions will be of any significance in the bigger scheme of things. But to yourself, it means everything. Do it for yourself. Ignore the rat race.

As for all the nay-sayers, any of us are only born because all those sperms or stars decided not to listen to nay-sayers or be bothered by all the odds stacked against them and got on with what they thought was only probably a myth to them, but deep inside they believed in themselves. They got off their back-sides and moved. It’s high time you did the same. Because you can. Get on with it and reclaim your old self, your self that you were supposed to be. Not what the modern society has made you to be.

Keep miling and smiling. Always.