This blog series is not intended to be a review of the movie / documentary / series on Netflix but more about learnings from it. It’s also not meant to be a spoiler but it will be to an extent.

I wasn’t wanting to watch The Dawn Wall but I’m so glad I did as it throws so many lessons at you that most popular movies totally fail at.

It is no rat race. It’s about finding yourself.

The protagonist only gets crawling by the age of 2 years. In this highly competitive world, numerous amounts of titles could have been given to him by the medical and education fraternity. His family decide to take matters in their own hands, and give us a Tommy the system had given up on, even before anything started.


 Hitting the Rock bottom  

I’ve been there. I’ve lived there. I know how it tears you apart. Tommy hits the rock bottom, and when he thinks it couldn’t get worse, it does, not once by twice over. He ends up doing the impossible, in my opinion, because nothing else mattered to him besides climbing. That’s all he’d known from his childhood. His climbing was there for him unconditionally. He just had to go back. And persist like never before.


You never leave your wingman! 

Some of you would have picked on the fact that I’m a big TopGun fan but Tommy takes this phrase to a different level, especially in this selfish world. That’s what makes him who he is. An amazing human. I wouldn’t have cared for the movie if it was only about super athletic achievement. 


Also, Tommy and Kevin make Tom Cruise seem like an amateur in Mission Impossible 2 when he is hanging from a cliff.

Failure is the biggest teacher

In today’s world, there is too much emphasis on success and excelling that we forget failure is the biggest teacher. It’s humbling and it makes you go back to the basics. And suddenly it doesn’t matter if you end up on the top or not. Anyways, no one  is actually keeping a count. Attention of the social media society is barely a few minutes if not seconds. 


Do it because it makes sense to you

Too many of us live our lives for others, forgetting what do we actually want to do. This movie will wake that child in you and you’ll want to get on with whatever you love. One life, just go for it.

Kintsugi & Wabi-Sabi  

Golden Joinery and Impermanence & Imperfection. I’ll let you watch this video to know more what I’m referring to. This documentary becomes special because of these features.   

Now watch The Dawn Wall and thank me later.