NukeLeeUs exercises should be done 11 times in the given order and if possible, up to 3 times a day. Also, if you experience any pain while doing any of the exercise, stop and consult with an experienced doctor.

I hope you have been practicing first week exercises regularly. If are joining for the first time, you should begin from week 1. The focus of the second week is to build on the fundamentals of first week.

First six exercises are for warming you up and getting your joints moving getting rid of the restrictions modern lifestyle brings along with it. These will tend to be the same and not change much week to week.

1. Skipping Jack: Get lighter on your feet and get going for the rest of the exercises.

2. Hobbit Toes - Curl those toes of yours.

3. Elven Raises - Time to grow tall.

4. Punch Ins - Lets get steady with Punch Ins.

5. Anne’s Alphabets - Get your upper back more mobile, and undo all the effect of the mobile phones you've been using for ever.

6. Breath In - Let's not taking breathing for granted. Start today with mindful breathing.

Next three exercises will progress over the year to make you do single-hand-push-ups, single-leg-squats and easy-peasy-pull-ups before 2018 ends.

7. Wall Push Ups - Push against the wall

8. Orange Squeeze - Upper back is stiff and weak for almost all of us. High time to squeeze the juice out of that imaginary orange between your shoulder blades.

9. Wall Squats 120° - Time to become Legstrong.

Keep miling and smiling, always, because in bigger scheme of things, nothing else matters.