न्यूक-ली-अस को हिंदी में जानने के लिए यहां दबायें 

It’s sad to see that our children are even more unfit than us, even though we are not in top shape. That’s because they have spent their childhood being slobs. We need to be role models to our children as children pick up our habits, whether good or bad. We need to start the change with ourselves.

I have come up with a very simple exercise program called Nuke-Lee-Us, that can be done by anyone, anywhere. It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to do it, but by the end of 2018, you would have become super fit, someone you’ll be proud to know.

We have also introduced Nuke-Lee-Us Flash Runs, which is targeted at getting children and non-running spouses to pick up running. The target isn't to get them running marathons but to get them moving. 

What if these weekly progressive exercises could help you do single-hand-pushs, single-leg squats and super comfortable pull-ups along with running 5-10 kms non-stop by the end of the year? We’ll together get there. 

Lets get all who we care about to get moving, from our children, parents, spouses, partners,  family and friends, as this will be the best gift we could have given them. Lets look at getting folks from 100 cities moving.

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