How does a 15 year old react when he gets into trouble with three of his seniors 3-5 years older, has asthma to deal and like any sane teenager, hates studies? Harhseath shares his experience and his journey.

If you have been able to overcome bullies in your life by being more physically active, we'd like to know about it. Please share your experience with by filling the form below (it will stay private) or by emailing me on drrajatchauhan (at) gmail (dot) com. It might help others take on the bullies who stop them from being their true selves.

GOYA Bullies

‪This is the working title for my next book I am co-authoring with my son Harsheath. We all have been bullied, at some level or another. It has scarred us for life. Change needs to start with us, and us alone. Lets together try to convert all those negative energies into something magical? I'll need all your stories so this menace can be uprooted from the so-sigh-tea.

Don't be a bystander

Bullies could be other students, co-workers, brother or sister, neighbour, sickness, studies, emotional pressures of any kind... I'm looking at primarily tackling them through physical activities. Of course, psychological change is needed to do that.

Bullies could be brands.

Bullies Brands
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