Calvin & Hobbes Bullies

Most of us will shy away from the fact we have been bullied in life at different stages of life, scarring us for ever. Only a minority of us managed to find our way out and become a lot more comfortable with our own selves and do justice to ourselves. It's time we spoke up about it. 

We think of bullies as only our seniors or peers at schools, colleges and work places, but it could very well start from home itself. I see enough parents not being to kind to their own children. It could be emotionally or physically abusing them. In today's world, very often parents want their kids to be like trophies for them. Their children should live up to a certain standard so the parents could be proud of them when they meet their friends. To me that's a major issue. Should be parents not love our kids irrespective? Do we not realise what we are doing to them?

Most parents push their children to become Einstein's of the world, other want them to become Virat Kohli or Sania Nehwal. Can we please not forget that in this process you are forcing the amount of bullying that is involved is crazy. Before champions they are our children. They didn't choose to come in to this world. It was our choice. Can we please be very mindful of that. Can we be a bit more careful about it.

How about the parents who tell their daughters they are expected to behave in a certain way? When these daughters then attempt to get physically active at say 30-40 years of age, they have forgotten how to move. That constant nagging has affected their confidence permanently. Forget running or going to the gym, they can't even stand their normal way. It bothers me because that bullying of these very young girls is going to affect the society because ladies are the nucleus of the society. They are not only daughters, but mothers, sisters, teachers and top bosses of the biggest businesses on this planet earth. 

Siblings can be amazing, but we all have experienced either ourselves or would know someone close who has been majorly bullied by their siblings scarring them forever. Then come teachers, classmates and of course the seniors there. No one seems to pay enough attention to it. Even the best amongst us can be a bit reckless at times and mess up thing permanently. 

Calvin & Hobbes Bullies 2

It can become as bad as suicidal tendencies. That's more so the case today when most of us don't have 'real friends. No, number of facebook friends don't count. It's very tricky in today's society where children are encouraged to go out there and play for a bit, instead from very young age they are either handed a 'smart-phone' or given a remote so we adults can have our very sought after 'me' time. 

At times the bully could be a situation, yet again created by this superficial fake society. Lack of 'success' or 'failure' in all fields of life play a very important role in bullying. Then could be other situations like medical conditions, financial crisis, desire for never ending more etc.

If you have been bullied and being more physically active has helped get hold of your bearings yet again, please share your story. It might change someone's life for good.