MoveMint Running Podcast presented to you by Mint business newspaper is available both on iTunes and Audioboom.

This podcast is intended for all, from fence-sitters, beginners, those running for health, and even for all those who have been running but not doing justice to all the effort they are putting in. If you run well, your injuries will automatically start to come down as well.

Please ask any running related questions and I'll answer them all as no question is ever silly. Share your inspirational stories that could motivate someone else to start moving and eventually running as well. If you have liked any fun running event, please share, others need to know too. 

The above piece was published in Mint newspaper in June 2014. Through the podcast, I'll slowly take you through very basics of running. Start listening now.

An article in latest edition of British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) confirms what I have been preaching for over 15 years now. You need to relearn running run more efficiently, which as a by product, will prevent or markedly reduce chances of injuries which happen very frequently amongst runners.  

I'm not going to teach you how to run. I'll only make you aware of what you already know but have forgotten about through all these years of being a slob.

Through this podcast, on one hand you'll have access to very basic and fundamental knowledge, and on the other, to cutting edge scientific research. 

Below is the abstract from BJSM that I am talking about.