(This was first written on Facebook on 31st March 2017)

With all due respect to all the phenomenal coaches who make runners training for sub 2hr 30min half marathon (21 kms) do sprints during training, if I get to know about you, I'm going to squeeze your nuts so hard that they'll exit through one or the other of the orifices in your body and roll down a drain which will head first to Sangam and then finally get off in Bay of Bengal.

Pic from http://rebrn.com/re/psbattle-a-ground-squirrel-some-nuts-and-an-ewok-x-13423/

Pic from http://rebrn.com/re/psbattle-a-ground-squirrel-some-nuts-and-an-ewok-x-13423/

You are creating injuries for no rhyme or reason. I can make a walking plan to do a half marathon in under 2hr 30min, and you want to make them sprint, giving them injuries they would have otherwise not had.

If you are such an amazing coach, tell me the role of Latismus Dorsi or Pectoralis Minor in running. Nah. Don't embarrass  yourself by replying in comments. Go-oggle first. 

Runners, please apply some common sense. They are messing you up royally. You knew it as a child how to run. Go back to the basics. 

Keep miling and smiling.

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